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August 4, 2010

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2PM’s former member Jaebum has revealed the title for his new song.

The song title is ‘bestie,’ an expression meaning best friend.

Jaebum wrote on his personal Twitter on the 3rd, “bestie is not demon in german, its the name of my new song with cha cha.”

Fellow AOM member Cha Cha will also be working with him for this song.

An associate of Sidus HQ spoke with EDAILYSPN on the 3rd and stated, “Jaebum’s new song ‘Bestie’ has finished recording. It will be released digitally for the first time on the 7th. The new song has a fast beat, it’s a very Jaebum-like song.”

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Continuing with T.O.P’s recent ban of his song Turn It Up due to the use of brand names including Louis Vuitton and Dolce, MBC has banned a song from both Se7en and SHINee have been hit with a no-go.

The evaluation department recently did their routinely checkup on the latest releases… and found lyrics in Se7en’s Money Can’t Buy Me Love with brand names Guess and Gucci.

One of SHINee’s new songs, Love Still Goes On, was banned due to Facebook being included in the lyrics one time throughout the entire song.

Both parties are planning to resend edited versions of the songs to fit their standards and lift any bans placed.

Suggestive dancing, fish net clothing, Netizens criticize “G Dragon’s concert is actually noble in comparison to this”

As 2PM successfully completes their first solo concert, 2PM has been receiving the denouncement of netizens for rating their concert for ‘8 year olds an…d up.’ Netizens have been comparing the concert to G Dragon’s ’12+’ concert and have stepped up to criticize 2PM.

Like their ‘beastly idols’ nickname, 2PM engaged in a sexual dance with their female back dancers.

After netizens found out that the concert was rated for ‘8+’ the suggestive performances that 2PM showed on stage has become highly controversial.

Netizens had come forward to criticize G Dragon’s ’12+’ concert last year for recreating a sexual act, causing the case to be investigated for violation of child protection and obscenity.

Netizens have stated, “Do you really think this is a performance fit for elementary and junior high school fans?” “G Dragon’s concert looks noble in comparison,” “2PM needs to pay a visit to the police station,” and “Rating the concert for ‘8+’ is outrageous.”

Attention has been put on their Busan concerts on the 7th and 8th to see what kind of adjustments will be made.